World leading variable draft cruising yachts

The Southerly brand has become recognised as world leading variable draft cruising yachts. The Southerly Design Office worked alongside commissioned designers, such as Ed Dubois, Rob Humphreys and Stephen Jones to develop yacht models which combined the qualities of the Southerly pedigree with the latest advancements in technology.

Every detail from the shape and structure of the hull to the deck and sail plan arrangement has been designed to achieve the best possible sailing characteristics to make sailing simple and rewarding. Every detail - machinery, tankage, plumbing and electrical systems are carefully planned into the yacht with special consideration for weight distribution, proper function and easy access.

Interiors are designed for maximum comfort with practicality and safety at sea, being main priorities. Interior styling creates a luxurious atmosphere within the yacht to make living aboard a real pleasure. Cleverly designed, yet functional joinery, durable fabrics, high quality fittings and subtle lighting, are welcoming features. The raised saloon seating with panoramic views is designed into the larger yachts to provide a supreme level of comfort and enjoyment.