Distant Shores - TV Filming Through the French Canals

Distant Shores - TV Filming Through the French Canals

21st May, 2012

It has been a dream of our for many years now, to cruise the French Canals...

This is the Year! We will (attempt) to take Distant Shores II - 49 feet long and 13.9 foot beam through the canals from Le Havre on the north coast right the way to the Mediterranean. There are somewhere near 300 locks on the trip. Most 49 foot sailboats couldn't do this trip since the depths in the central canals are just 1.8 meters. However we draw just 0.9 m with our keel raised all the way up.

From leaving Chichester in mid May, we sailed across the channel and have taken the mast down at a small yard near Le Havre. We are now starting the first leg - to Paris! We need the mast down since the canal clearance is just 3 meters high (11 feet).

From Paris we have to choose between 3 routes that cross the higher regions southeast to Lyon and down to Sete on the Mediterranean. We have planned 3 months for this cruise. It could apparently be done in as little as 6 weeks but we want to savour the flavours of the French countryside (think wine regions such as Champagne and Burgundy) Dijon, cheeses etc. Why hurry?

Stay tuned for updates, at www.distantshores.ca and of course we are filming for the Distant Shores TV show as we go! Wish us luck !

Paul & Sheryl Shard, Distant Shores