Distant Shores New Season

Distant Shores New Season

13th March, 2012

The New Season of Distant Shores airs from April 2012. International sailors and best-selling authors, Paul and Sheryl Shard, share their adventures with viewers as they travel to a variety of global destinations on board their Southerly 49, Distant Shores.

The Shards are winners of 2 Worldfest Film and Video Production Awards for Best Sailing and Water-sports Documentary. These intrepid adventurers have together travelled to over 50 countries as they explore the Mediterranean, South and North America, the Caribbean, Europe, UK and the Middle East.

Their programmes provide invaluable tips for sailors on travelling and visiting these countries by boat as they discover sights, cuisine, wildlife and spectacular scenery under a variety of weather and sailing conditions.

The Shards replaced their beloved Southerly 42RST with a new Southerly 49 in 2010, both designed by Rob Humphreys, giving them a longer waterline to cross oceans at faster speeds, together with extra accommodation for their guests. As with the Southerly 42RST, the variable draft keel of the Southerly 49 means the yacht is not only a serious blue water cruiser, but it can also explore shallow water locations, many which are inaccessible to fixed keel yachts. So whether it's sailing around the Bahamas, or a Trans-Atlantic crossing, even the most remote locations are within reach of Distant Shores.

Catch up with the latest maritime adventures of this seafaring couple on Sky on the Travel Channel in Europe, Asia and Africa and on Wealth TV in the USA. For promos and schedule updates visit www.travelchannel.co.uk or www.wealthtv.com

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